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Welcome to NEWS OF PEACE. This is a blog about love, hope and faith. Those are the ingredients for perfect peace.  I’ve been blogging in Dutch for a long time and I had a break for a long time. For my blog archive in Dutch you can go to this website (just click). I’m starting a new journey now. I want to reach the international world and that is why I’m blogging in English. We’ll see how this will go.

Edit: in November 2020

After this first blog in 2018 I wrote 2 more and one was in my draft for over an year. So we can conclude that I haven’t been doing a lot on this website. This year I felt like I really should restart this web. Yes, even before COVID or corona. I’ve made a meditation program for Instagram. I started thinking about this during winter 2019. And I immediately wrote it all down in the first months of 2020. And it stayed in my draft up till now. I’ll be starting this program very soon (hopefully the 23rd of November 2020). 

News of Peace

At this moment my main focus is writing. I do have a Facebook group but that also needs a reboot. And that will happen. You are more than welcome to join me on Facebook as well. Do you want to collaborate? Feel free to connect through my contact page. Click here.


If you see a typo please inform me through my contact page please. Don’t feel bad or weird about it. Every now and then I will write in Dutch and I will publish my work about my faith and christian lifestyle here. If you want the article translated, do let me know through my contact page.


Naomi; an ambassador of NEWS OF PEACE

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I'm Naomi from NEWS OF PEACE. This blog is about love, hope and faith. Those are the ingredients for perfect peace. I'm married, I'm a mother, I love God. I'm also a sister, a daughter and a friend.

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