Triptych: Bible verses as tree poems for life

“Naomi, do you know what a tree or trees stand for in this poem?”

It is almost fifteen years ago and I’m still sorry I didn’t answer the question fully or right. During that oral exam my teacher said that trees in several poems represent humans. Well, of course I knew. I mean, I grew up in church: heard and read the parables of Jesus and so on. Yes, I could have answer the question quite easily. No, I would not have known what I know now. Christian faith is a relationship based matter. Sometimes is difficult to understand some Bible passages because of a lack of experience and sight. There are highs and lows: they widened your life experience and broaden your knowledge. As I got… get older I understand e.g. compassion more, love even more. Just a few examples of life, with God.

In this blog I want to share a tree triptych with you. I don’t know if it is the correct word, but it reflects the way I see it. Three Bible verses which can be seen as three poems (word art). Tree poems.

Read with me:

(1)    The first tree: Habakkuk 3:17-18

This is such a beautiful and encouraging verse. As Christians we want to have beautiful blossoms and fruits all the days of our life. But there are moments in life that that just doesn’t happen. We want more leaves, we want to grow bigger, brighter and so on. It does not all happen (at once). The verse does not say that it applies to human beings. But I can still relate to it. Moments of tears or feeling so empty. Moments of feeling naked because you don’t see any blossoms. But then verse 18 kicks right in: “Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior.” And isn’t joy a fruit in itself? When we put those blurry emotions aside and hold on to God His word and promises, it is a (n inner) blossom!

(2)    Then the second tree: Psalm 1:3

I (the tree) will have fruit when the season is ready. All I need is to be placed near the streams of water. Living water. Water that sprinkles. What that refreshes. This water cleanses from the inside out and makes a tree good and produce well. Watch, its fruit will be good as well (Matthew 12:33). So maybe you don’t see the fruit or the blossom yet, but your leaf will stay green in the meanwhile. I have a friend who really inspires me. She is going through so much right now: severe health issues. But she is still a beauty; truly I can say that God makes hear leaves look good even though she goes through rough times at this moment.

Read ‘The Parable of the Sower’

(3)    At last, the third tree: Matthew 13:3-9 (and 13:18-23)

Stop worrying, because it only takes away the stuff you need to grow or to produce fruit (Matthew 13:22). Easier said than done. I know. What helps is to read the Bible more often (my case). It is the soil I (and you) need to get rooted. Soil, water, seed, roots: tree knowledge. I know it is much easier to read a magazine (me = guilty!). But there are Bible verses that give so much strength to the inner person. Lately I’m reading and rereading the Bible book Matthew. In this way I won’t read the entire Bible in one whole year, because I am soaking in these Bible chapters slowly. Step by step. It is refreshing.

Let me know what you think of these verses. Do you have some verses you consider as a “Triptych”?

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