Well, well Don Ceder

This is so amazing. Politics is a special subject for me to talk about because it has my interest. I studied Public Administration for a reason I guess. Politics also influence my everyday work. But to be honest, as a Christian I am not always certain about the existence of Christian political groups. I mean, I do prefer having representatives that have the same values as I have. But sometimes I wonder if we should name or label those political groups as ‘Christian’. Also because some parties have the name but are just in for the politics. There is nothing Christ like in them. I won’t give any examples. Continue reading “Well, well Don Ceder”

Hello there

Welcome to NEWS OF PEACE.

This is a blog about love, hope and faith.

Those are the ingredients for perfect peace.


I’ve been blogging in Dutch for a long time and I had a break for a long time.

For my blog archive in Dutch you can go to this website (just click).

I’m starting a new journey now.

I want to reach the international world and that is why I’m blogging in English.

We’ll see how this will go.