Triptych: Bible verses as tree poems for life

Naomi, do you know what a tree or trees stand for in this poem? It is almost fifteen years ago and I’m still sorry I didn’t answer the question fully or right. During that oral exam my teacher said that trees in several poems represent humans. Well, of course I knew. I mean, I grew up in church: heard and read the parables of Jesus and so on. Yes, I could have answer the question quite easily. No, I would not have known what I know now. Christian faith is a relationship based matter. Sometimes is difficult to understand some Bible passages because of a lack of experience and sight. There are highs and lows: they widened your life experience and broaden your knowledge. As I got… get older I understand e.g. compassion more, love even more. Just a few examples of life, with God. Continue reading “Triptych: Bible verses as tree poems for life”

I will soar

This week someone asked me what my favorite Bible verse is. I almost started stuttering. I do have some, but I really suck at knowing verses by heart. I guess that for some reason I’d rather write about it than talk about it. Writing usually gives me time to think, overthink and look things up. Anyway, I wanted to share one of my favorite Bible verses with you. Maybe you’ve seen it a hundred times before, but in this blog I’m letting you know why I love to meditate on this verse. So you see, it is personal. Continue reading “I will soar”